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I was amused this mornin’ by Bryan Buchs claim that he has been building websites for about 11 years. The World Wide Web was released by CERN in 1991. In 1992, surfing the Internet was invented. 1993 Internic comes to life, later to become a royal pain, and we see the first WWW Worm, Spiders, etc. The first Internet Talk Radio. Mosiac. 1994 WWW edged out everybody’s favorite service, Telnet, to become the 2nd most popular service on the Net (still lagging ftp). Now, for this guy to make this claim, he would have had to have been building websites commercially in 1994.

A longish post, but really worth reading. It mirrors my experience very closely (except I started getting paid for it in 97, so Jonathan has a year of old-skool cred on me. 8)

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  • Bryan Buchs
    05/28/2006 06:39:45 PM


    My so-called “claim” never stated that I had been building commercial websites in 1994. But I did start building sites for fun in 1995, and eventually turned it into a successful career in 1997.