Opera 9

I’ve given Opera tries here and there when new versions came out, but the newly-released Opera 9 is really nice. It’s extremely fast (much faster than FF on Windows, and appears to be faster than Safari on my iBook G4), has lots of useful features, some great tab handling ideas (multiple undos on closed tabs!!!!!), etc. PLUS…. I’ve seen nary a rendering quirk. The speed of it is a godsend when dealing with myspace promo crap, especially being able to toggle off images, plugins, and extra styling. Oh, and did I mention it used orders of magnitude less memory than my Firefox install (which has several extensions installed, of course)? There are lots of other features too, some extremely useful (almost everything is searchable, including your history), some not so much (did we need another widget standard?)

It’s nice. I’m going to give this a serious shot as my main browser. Firebug on Firefox still is a killer HTML/CSS/JS debug tool that will keep me from ditching FF altogether, but for day to day use I can see myself using this.