OS X browser fun

So in the past couple days we’ve gotten two new browser releases for OS X: Camino (ex-Chimera) 0.7, and Safari 1.0 b64.

Camino 0.7 doesn’t make any groundbreaking improvements, but it does seem to be a little faster. It has a kinda swank download manager, but I’ve almost always found those things a waste of time. It apparently can do auto-discovery of local web and ftp servers via Rendezvous, but I haven’t actually seen it work yet (I’m probably missing something though). And I still can’t seem to do type ahead find with it, which I take advantage of with Phoenix on Win32. Still, Camino remains my main browser.

Safari 1.0 b64 isn’t a public release, so no linking to it will be done here (I’m purely a leech), but if you look around on message boards you’ll find it without too much trouble. The major new thing is tabbed browsing, which first appeared in b62 (also not a public release), and has been refined a bit here. Tabs were really the main reason I wasn’t using Safari, and their appearance here makes it much more competitive with Camino. Plus, I have to admit that I’m something of a brushed metal whore.

Personally, I would like to see Camino focus more on new and cool features, kind of the way Opera brings a lot of unique features to the platforms it supports. It seems unlikely that Camino will overcome Safari in terms of market share, and the features that initially brought it popularity — looking and feeling like a true Aqua app, having a very solid rendering engine, etc — are being duplicated or improved upon in Safari. But if it offers some features that appeal to power/niche users — ones that Apple is less likely to explore because they don’t appeal to Joe Switcher — it’s likely to shore up a dedicated user base.