OSS OS developers are testy bastards

ONLamp.com: An Interview with OpenBSD’s Marc Espie [Mar. 18, 2004]

First off, I’m quote certain that this guy could destroy me with his mind. I’m a lowly script/design monkey, and he’s on a whole ‘nother level when it comes to programming. However, I’m sorta taken aback by catty comments like this:

“The chief opponent to strlcpy in glibc is most certainly Ulrich Drepper, who argues that good programmers don’t need strlcpy, since they don’t make mistakes while copying strings. This is a very mystifying point of view, since bugtraq daily proves that a lot of Linux and free software programmers are not that bright, and need all the help they can get.

(Considering the shining, flaming personality of Drepper, and the fact that he is always Right, this is not that surprising, though).”

Dude. What the hell? It’s one thing to call a guy an asshole when you’re sitting around the table with your fellow nerds, stuffing your face with gyro meat and complaining about how the inferior Linux gets all the glory and midget-Eminem ads, but it’s quite another to do it in a public interview. For fuck’s sake, show some tact, man.

  • Skylan
    http://Here's a relevant http://sources.redhat.com/ml/libc-alpha/2002-01/msg00002
    03/21/2004 08:23:20 PM


    While back-tracking that comment, I came across your comments, and other details; in Marc’s defense, it’s possible that he’s just fed up of patching and patching and patching the same **dd*** s*** over and over again; thus his comment.

    ””” As repeatedly said, these functions are completely nonsense. They don’t increase security, they only allow sloppy programmers get by without fixing there code. At any time the programmer must be aware of the sizes of the arrays involved. Adding these interfaces would only mean promoting writing broken code which will never happen. “”” I was rather dismayed to read this, to say the least—but I must assume that he was generalising and not giving full details.



  • Ed
    03/21/2004 09:24:55 PM

    Yeah, I can dig it. It just seemed tacky to air it in that venue.

  • jon
    05/25/2004 07:25:46 PM

    one thing that always bugs me about many technical cats is how arrogant they can be—how their “true colors” show when things get a little rough. out of the heart the mouth speaks, so whether he aired it here or otherwise, it’s known that this particular human has an opinion about many other coders, that sets himself up above them. it’s that “root cause” that bugs me about so many in my profession (and what i fight daily within myself—thank God for His help).