Philadelphia, I love thee

Everything funny I steal from Deadspin.  Well, I steal who they link to:

I don’t know what happened after that, but a couple minutes later we heard a commotion and saw Eagles security in our section. Turns out they were slapping the cuffs on a guy and taking him out… hey… THEY’RE EJECTING THE FAN OF THE GAME! Yeah, there he goes — a metaphor for Philly sports if there ever was one. A hero one minute, and getting the boot the next. Unbelievable? Maybe. Hilarious? Absolutely.

And another one, this time on Deadspin itself:

Between the constant ‘Dallas Sucks,’ ’ You Suck,’ ’ You’re an asshole’ and the very nice ‘Where’s your crack pipe?’ It was wild. Berman turned to the crowd every couple of seconds to try and shut us up, which enraged the guys Finally, Michael flipped us off, mouthed ‘fuck you!’ and held up three fingers and counted his “rings,” all while Berman and Young were live.”