PHP Job Opening at Purdue

Ross-Ade Stadium at Purdue University

I’ve been working at Purdue for over 6 years now, and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed it immensely. While the experience can vary from department to department, in general it’s a fairly low-pressure environment with a lot of opportunities to learn and develop new skills for motivated folks. Purdue offers great benefits, and the Greater Lafayette area is a pretty cool, decently progressive environment considering the size – US News & World Report recently picked West Lafayette one of the “Best Places to Retire” in the US.

A job just opened up in the Math department for a “Web Programmer/Analyst”. This position calls for strong PHP, PostgreSQL and MySQL skills; Linux and Unix fu (you should be able to admin the web stack); good communication skills (you’ll be working with a number of different people with varying tech backgrounds); and plenty of independent motivation.

I’m not involved in the hiring process at all, but I’m friends with those who are, so if you have specific questions, I can route them to the right person. Please email me directly – do not post questions in the comments.

  • mahesh
    06/30/2008 02:39:06 AM

    I have 2+ experience in PHP ,MYSQL,Joomla