php|tek, AIR dev and PHPSecInfo

Reinhemer Quad-Core

Clearly the free booze and other gifts provided to the php|arch team is paying off, as two of my talks have been accepted for php|tek 2008 in Chicago. I’ll be speaking on desktop app development with AIR, and the PHPSecInfo project. The full schedule of talks will help you plan on how best to avoid me.

Desktop app dev with AIR has been something near and dear to my heart lately, as I’ve spent a lot of time in the past several months developing Spaz, a Twitter client based on AIR. In the process I’ve learned a whole heck of a lot about Javascript development, and learned intimately what works well in AIR and what doesn’t. Combining PHP on the server side and Javascript/HTML on the client side makes a lot of sense for me, then. Getting the two sides to work together has gotten a fair bit easier with the JSON extension that was added in PHP 5.2.0. With that, exchange of data structures carries a lot less overhead.

PHPSecInfo has been quiet for a while on the development side, but I’m hoping things will pick up a bit with the introduction of public SVN access to the project. The trunk version has some extra stuff in it, like the beginnings of a new view system to output results in various formats. I’ve also added Paul Reinheimer as a contributor, so feel free to guilt him into making updates as well. If you’re interested in contributing patches or updates to PHPSecInfo, drop me a line and we’ll chat.