PHP|Works 2007: Presentations and Thoughts

php|works - it's about the booze. Photo by Terry Chay

php|works 2007 was last week, and it was a great experience for me. Here are the slides and code from the presentations I gave:

I really enjoyed my trip to Atlanta and the conference experience. Much like php|tek this year in Chicago, ‘works was filled with lots of great content, smart people, and a casual, comfortable atmosphere that makes the whole thing a lot of fun. The php|architect conferences lack pretension, and that’s really nice — it’s about the people and sharing knowledge. And this one was really special for me because it’s the first time I’ve given a presentation to my colleagues in the community. I was very nervous, but it all turned out well.

I’m too lazy busy to write out an extended journal of the whole experience, but here are some memorable moments:

  • Being sick just two days before I was about to leave, and getting better just in time to go
  • Having my first flight cancelled, giving me time to mostly finish my CodeIgniter talk before I left the Indy airport
  • Getting to the hotel just in time to catch Chris Shiflett’s funny PHP4 is Dead keynote
  • Discovering the hotel room had a flat-panel TV. Unfortunately, no HD content
  • Catching up with Lucas Nealan, and getting an unexpected phonecall with great news
  • The fact that there were about 7,000 iPhones on-hand
  • The Paul Reinheimer quad-core drinking demo (sponsored by Microsoft)
  • Ramblecast: the loudest, drunkest, least productive group podcasting experiment ever
  • Learning a lot more about the Filter extension from Derick Rethans, and seeing how it compares to Inspekt
  • Losing power in the middle of my PHPSecInfo talk, and Paul M. Jones resuscitating the projector
  • Terry Chay’s software architecture talk. I didn’t agree with everything he said, but I laughed my ass off
  • Meeting people who have actually heard of me and used tools I’ve made. Weird
  • Good conversations with too many people to name
  • Carolyn (sister #3)
    09/20/2007 04:38:49 PM

    So what was the great news from the unexpected phonecall? Your award for Spaz?

  • Cal Evans
    09/23/2007 04:07:09 PM

    Works was a great time! Lots of learning, lots of drinking! You forgot to mention Marco’s awesome closing keynote! (well, I assume it was awesome, I was too busy laughing to hear what he said!)

    Great job php|arch crew!