Presentation Audience Etiquette

If you notice that the presenter has misspelled something in his or her slides, resist the temptation to point it out in the middle of the talk. There’s nothing the presenter can do about it, and you just look like a douche trying to one-up your fifth-grade teacher.

Update: I’m an idiot; they were friends of the presenter. That’s what I get for assuming.

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  • Davey
    05/20/2007 01:05:40 AM

    You are totally spot on… but feel free to bag on us afterwards :P

    - Davey

  • Ed
    05/20/2007 01:41:56 PM

    I actually felt really bad when Elizabeth told me that it was you guys who were ribbing Sara about it… I told her that I had blogged about it, and apologized. Oops!