Pretty Mouse

Pretty Mouse
Originally uploaded by funkatron.

I’m a mouse stickler, and I’m hearting this new puppy. Picture turned out pretty well too.

  • Carolyn
    04/15/2007 04:00:17 PM

    Obviously a mouse made exclusively for right-handed users.

  • terry chay
    05/03/2007 01:43:03 AM

    Yeah, my first asymmetrical mouse. Logitech makes the MX610 in a left-handed version. It’s not nearly as cool though.

    The drivers are a little funky though (scroll wheel terribly slow last time I checked). I wish it had an extra button so I wouldn’t have to install the drivers.

  • Ed
    05/03/2007 08:38:47 AM

    I would avoid installing the 2.1.3 logitech drivers — they casued severe problems on my iMac. I am using USB Overdrive instead, which is $20 shareware but so worth it.