Rabies! or Another Busy Day At Work

(10:42:43) Mike: awesome pic: http://www.fox28.com/News/index.php?ID=6661
(10:43:19) funkatronwork: holy fuck!
(10:43:31) funkatronwork: I’m stealing that motherfucker
(10:43:47) funkatronwork: but it was a bat! they’re giving dogs a bad name
(10:43:47) Mike: Do you realize that the poor girl was bitten by a bat not a dog?
(10:44:01) funkatronwork: now I do. they should have shown something from the movie BATS!
(10:44:08) Mike: I’ll fucking prosecute dogs!
(10:44:35) funkatronwork: there will be vigilante mobs with guns shooting dogs within 5 hours.
(10:44:51) funkatronwork: then getting bitten by rabid bats

  • John Herren
    10/23/2006 02:09:28 AM

    Yeah, but rabid bats lead to rabid dogs. Bats are rabies’s “gateway animal.” Didn’t you read Cujo?

  • Ed
    10/23/2006 01:18:53 PM

    So if I smoke bats, I’ll shoot my friend with my dad’s handgun?