Ron Devera Joins the Spaz Team

Treat em Rough

I’m really happy to announce that Ron Devera has agreed to become the UI Lead for Spaz Desktop.

Spaz has been a very informally organized project since I began it back in spring 2007. A number of people have contributed important pieces of code, and support was primarily handled by @kibitzer for over a year.

So why a title and all that? It seems like a good idea at the moment. I’ve been trying to establish more structure in the development and support efforts of Spaz to make it easier for others to contribute, including Lighthouse (development coordination) and Tender (user support) sites where volunteers can see who needs help and what needs to be done. Adding an “official” team member is a part of these efforts.

Ron is a smart, talented developer, with a diverse set of skills, and he’s demonstrated an ongoing commitment to making his contributed “Leopaz” theme very high-quality. He’s a strong JavaScript, Ruby and HTML/CSS dev, and his attention to detail has made Leopaz the strongest theme Spaz offers. I’m very excited about having him a part of the team.