RSS Viewer 0.3

Can you tell what my new favorite project is?

screenshotNew this version:
  • Combined feeds and items sidebar frames into a single menu system
  • Added fancy gradients to make it look more 1337

I’m rather proud of the new menu system. It dynamically loads the feeds when requested, as opposed to having to build the whole menu tree when the feeds frame loads. Here’s how it works:

  1. User clicks on feed title, triggering javascript that loads an url w/ parameters into a hidden frame
  2. php script takes url parameters, downloads feed, and generates the html along with a javascript command to insert the html into the feeds menu
  3. when page is loaded into hidden frame, the generated javascript is executed, and the items html is inserted and shown

It’s convoluted, but it seems to work!

Update: Links would be good.

  • Hayden Searle
    04/18/2004 11:02:22 PM

    Do you have a username and pass for your demo version? I’m trying to get this going on my Red Hat server so I can view my feeds from work (cant run Mozilla there) and I’m having issues with it. My error is Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: config in /var/www/html/rss_viewer/required.php on line 14

    Any help would be great.

    Apart from that is looks awesome

  • Hayden Searle
    08/22/2004 08:38:29 PM

    Its all working and has been for some time now. This is a really nice script. Thanks for releasing it