RSS Viewer widget for Konfabulator: updated

So I’ve finally updated my old RSS Viewer widget for Konfabulator. This version has been updated to work with Konfab 2.x, and adds a couple minor features.

  • kingler
    07/26/2005 11:07:04 AM

    Nice job! I like the widget. Just one question, How is the feed updated? Every hour or every day? didn’t see any option for that.

    Another thing is that the title line is not enough to show multiple feed titles. might be good if it can be changed to a rolling list or something.

  • Ed
    07/26/2005 11:20:59 AM

    Every 30 minutes, I believe. It’s hard-coded for now.

    no, it’s not long enough. rolling is a good idea… now I just have to figure out how to do that. 8)

  • Smoove
    07/27/2005 01:07:56 AM

    Just tried the updated RSS Viewer. It just sits there trying to parse the RSS feeds.

    the feeds are: |

    Any ideas? These work fine in other RSS readers.

  • Sean
    07/27/2005 11:18:55 AM

    Try changing the following line in class.feed.js:

    this.raw = runCommand(“curl -f -s -L —connect-timeout 10 —max-time 30 ” + this.url);


    this.raw = runCommand(“curl -f -s -L —connect-timeout 10 —max-time 30 ‘” + this.url + “’”);

    [You’re putting single quotes around the URL]

    I know nothing about JS / Konfabulator / etc., but there seems to be something happening such that the URLs are not being interpreted / loaded properly if not placed in single quotes. Fixed my similar problems anyway.

    GREAT widget, btw, much appreciated.

  • Ed
    07/27/2005 11:48:55 AM

    I bet the problem is that I was using curl to download the feeds. That works fine on OS X (which was konfab’s only platform when I was using it), and if you have a Windows binary in your path it works on Windows, but not on most Windows boxes. I have a version I’ll upload later today that uses the built-in functionality in newer versions of Konfab to retrieve the feed.

  • Ed
    07/27/2005 01:57:08 PM


    That will help if you’re on OS X, but Windows doesn’t ship with it, which is obviously a problem for cross-platform support. The new version I’m about to upload doesn’t use curl anymore.

  • Sean
    07/27/2005 02:33:38 PM


    I’m gonna have to take your word for that - again, I know so little about JS / Konfab / et. al., but I’m running XP right now and your widget worked for me from the time I downloaded it; just not on sites which had any characters (‘&’, ‘%’, etc.) in the URLs, and that’s the only thing that changed for me with the above… in any case, as you say, with the new version it’ll be easier for everyone - thanks for bringing it back with the new versions!

  • Ed
    07/27/2005 04:04:26 PM

    Huh. I wonder if Konfab packages curl into their UnixUtils stuff in the engine.