Safari 3.0 Beta and Speed Download: busted

Update: This is fixed in Speed Download 4.1.12

Suckers Early adopters like me have already downloaded the Safari 3.0 beta, because it pays to be super cool like us. However, it’s hard to be awesome when your browser crashes on startup, like mine was. It looks like the Speed Download plugin I had installed was at fault.

To remove it, I went to <My Home Directory>/Library/InputManagers/ and trashed the SpeedDownload Enhancer folder. Now Safari 3.0 starts nicely.

  • John Herren
    06/11/2007 11:32:13 PM

    I tried the Windows version today and I get no text:

  • funkatron
    06/11/2007 11:53:22 PM

    Pretty sure you’re not the only one; I saw a lot of screenshots on Flickr that looked like that.

  • terry chay
    06/12/2007 04:26:05 PM

    John, are you browsing to sites that use logical markup? Don’t you know that Apple says that the b and i tags are cool again? :-)

  • John Herren
    06/12/2007 06:57:33 PM

    If it ain’t blinking, it ain’t old school.