Screw Myspace, I’m down with Virb

Since last post was a good Myspace trashing, I thought I’d mention a social network site I’ve been digging: Virb. Here’s why I like it:

  • It’s pretty and clean. You’re not overwhelmed with information. It’s *pleasant* to look at Virb.
  • It’s easy to make basic changes to your profile, and you have full CSS control if you want or need it. I haven’t come across a site that handled “themeing” as well as Virb.
  • Virb clearly thought about how to organize your stuff, and it does a good job of letting you do so in an easy and logical manner
  • It’s easy to add new modules to your profile that can include more advanced html and embedded media. Where your media can come from is whitelisted, which means better security; there’s much less chance of having your profile hijacked just by viewing someone else’s page
  • Embedding Flickr photos is SO easy. Since I use Flickr for everything, it’s totally awesome.
  • If you’re into music, Virb does a good job of letting you check out tunes, add bands, keep track of their shows, and the like *without* all the shittiness of Myspace
  • It’s not flooded with ads and doesn’t make you log-in and ‘start over’ unnecessarily

So what don’t I like about Virb so much?

  • I really really wish I could import data into my profile via RSS. I already have 3 blogs (counting my work blog) — I have no interest in maintaining another. If I could just have my blog entries imported into my Virb blog, it’d be perfect. (update: Virb has blog importing via RSS listed as “Coming Soon”)
  • Worse, no RSS feeds for my Virb blog! This is a big missing piece, and I’m really surprised they don’t have this yet. This bad boy should be filled with subscribable (is that a word?) data so you can track your friends, your bands’ shows, and the like.

So consider this an invitation:

  • sierranighttide
    06/18/2007 09:13:55 PM

    I’m trying Virb to see if it is everything people say it is.

    I loaded my pictures which wasn’t oo hard. I added my first blog entry - simple and Now I’m moving into more detailed stuff. I hope it beats MySpace - sick of webcam girl and It’s ok to look ads.