Searchatron, Titanium, and Funding Open-Source Development

Searchatron 0.7

A few of you may know of a small app I did in AIR a while back called Searchatron. It’s mostly a proof of concept, but does have some usefulness in making it a bit easier to track multiple Twitter search queries. Searchatron uses an MVC-style pattern similar to how the next version of Spaz will be built, and much of Searchatron’s code provided the basis for the SpazCore component library.

As more of you may know, I’m very interested in the new Titanium platform. It’s similar to AIR, but fully open-source, and much more extensible. In order to learn more about Titanium, I tasked myself last week with converting Searchatron from AIR to Titanium. The whole process only took a couple hours. You can download the result from

What’s interesting is that Appcelerator, the creators of the Titanium platform, are running a contest right now. Two $500 prizes will be awarded for the most downloaded app, and the highest-rated app, respectively. If Searchatron wins either of these prizes, I’m pledging now to use the prize money to support further development of Spaz and the SpazCore project, in the form of cash gifts to our most giving volunteers. It might not be a lot, but it does mean real money is going to people working on open-source development. I hope to continue doing so when feasible and prudent.

If you’re interested in helping, this one is pretty easy: download Searchatron, and if you like it, suggest others do the same. Feel free to point them here if you like. By doing so, you’ll be doing a lot to encourage the continued development Spaz and its related projects.