Sex Cannon, I still love you

But dude, you need to make your throws. And hold onto the ball. And throw to open people. And not throw off your back foot.

Dammit, Berrian had them beat, and if Grossman hadn’t underthrown the ball by 10 yards, it’s a 4 point game with 9 minutes left.

Well, Peyton needed to win one. But him getting the MVP was horseshit — Rhodes or Addai deserved it more.

I’m not sure what the Bears should do with Grossman next year. If he makes serious improvement in his mechanics, then he could be top-notch. For now, though, he’s a liability.

(Edit: Jesus, I wrote “won” instead of “one.”)

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  • Cal Evans
    02/05/2007 02:13:26 PM

    I agree about MVP. However, I don’t think any of them really stood out. It really was a team effort. They should have given MVP to Prince.