Slides from DC PHP

Maintaining focus has never been one of my strong suits, but I’ve been doing a fairly bad job of it lately even for me. So, I’m finally posting the slides from my two talks a DC PHP:

I think my talks went okay, but not great. Definitely could have been more prepared and presented more useful information, especially in the Inspekt talk. It’s the first time I’ve done a talk on that project, so I still am feeling that one out a bit, whereas I’ve talked about PHPSecInfo a few times before this.

The DC PHP Conference was a nice surprise. It was clearly still in the learning stages, but everyone was friendly and happy to help, and the organizers definitely seemed interested in sorting out what worked and what didn’t. I believe they said the next one will be in July 2008; I hope to be there!

  • Kae Verens
    11/20/2007 05:18:46 AM

    thought I’d opened my rss to icanhascheeseburger…

    my caption for the image: “hey man, spare five bucks?”