Slides from php|tek 2008

Affleck, you the *bomb* in Phantoms yo!

After experiencing the inspiring atmosphere of php|tek 2008, I vowed to write a blog post a day to hone my writing skills.


Building Desktop RIAs with PHP, HTML & Javascript in AIR

Note: The ZIP on the php|tek 2008 site didn’t have the AIR code in it, so until that’s fixed I’m linking to my locally hosted copied

Securing the PHP Environment with PHPSecInfo

  • David
    06/01/2008 05:14:57 PM

    Hah! I’ve been looking for exactly that slide background. This is made in Keynote, right? Can I download it somewhere, or is it part of a commercial theme package?

    Thanks :)

  • Edward Finkler
    06/01/2008 07:27:10 PM

    I believe it’s a theme called “Industrial.” Keynote ‘08 has it, but I don’t know about previous versions.

  • David
    06/01/2008 11:45:47 PM

    Eight, that’s it! Thanks! Stupid me had that in his theme list ever since, but the small thumbnail didn’t give away the the pattern structure - looked all black :) Cheers!

  • Pierre Cardin
    06/02/2008 08:24:10 AM

    Can’t you just put it on Slideshare or Google Docs? Sucks to download a zip file and then view it in some bloatware app.

  • funkatron
    06/03/2008 09:11:06 PM


    The Zip file has code in it. The PDF is viewable in plenty of apps, not just Acrobat (which I assume is what you’re complaining about). Try using one of them.

    Also, telling me how it “suck”s to view the free stuff I’m giving you doesn’t get me excited about doing what you want. Consider a new approach.