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Defending Web Applications with PHPSecInfo

I did this presentation yesterday as part of the 8th Annual CERIAS Information Security Symposium.

Video forthcoming.

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  • Jester
    03/21/2007 02:08:03 PM

    Any chance of presenting this outside of CERIAS? I am sitting in San Francisco right now at SecurityOpus which I help run and we are always looking for new speakers. I would also recommend DefCon, ToorCon, CanSecWest and ShmooCon as places to speak to the hacker community on your topic of expertise.

  • Ed Finkler
    03/23/2007 09:29:28 AM

    I’d love to! The main issue is travel and accommodations, as I don’t have the personal funds or the outside funding to do so. I will be happy to present at any conference that can provide those things.

  • Jester
    03/23/2007 04:09:51 PM

    Pretty much every non-academic conference funds airfare and accomodations as well as attendenace at the conference itself. We are looking at potential candidates for the next time we hold SecurityOpus and I am on the hunt for more academic based speakers to contrast against those in the industry. More to come later.

  • Ed
    03/23/2007 05:19:24 PM

    Cool. There are a ton of folks doing good work associated with CERIAS, so keep me in the loop. We post relevant CFPs and event listings as well — send them to webmaster [AT] for now, until we get a better submission system going. We’re trying to interface a lot more with the non-academic community, so I’m all about exploring places we can work together.