Spaz 0.3.0 available; now with screencast action

I’m not dead — I’m just busy. Spaz has had a few long-standing issues since the upgrade to AIR Beta 2, and this new version (0.3.0) fixes many of them. If you already have Spaz, just go to the Prefs tab > Upgrades > Check Now. If you don’t have Spaz installed, you can install it from the Spaz homepage.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new in 0.3.0:

3.0 (2007-10-30)

  • All timelines now retrieve all data, not just from last 24 hours (including DMs, @s, sent messages, followers/following lists)
  • New theme: “Dumb Terminal.” Works best on Windows with Bistream Vera Sans Mono or Iconsolata font; OS X has readable mono fonts by default
  • New window behaviors: Minimize to systray (on by default), minimize when in background, restore when in foreground
  • Added Native Shell Menus under OS X
  • Added System Tray Icon in Windows w/ context menu
  • Added Dock item menu
  • User-defined CSS tweaks file now works again
  • Tweets can now be “selected.” Hit ‘@’ (SHIFT+2) to send reply to selected tweet’s user
  • Prefs that require restart to be applied are now indicated
  • Better descriptions of data retrieval errors; should properly determine if response timed out or if request limit is exceeded
  • Fixed charcount to reset properly after successful send
  • Added simple DOM context menus - currently allow user to copy URLs to clipboard
  • Use ‘-khtml-user-select’ to limit selectability of elements; should eliminate many problems with onlick operations
  • Popup panels should work a bit better; center properly and drag more easily. Popup panels will be moved to modal windows soon
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.2.1
  • Dumped Interface lib, added jQuery.UI lib
  • Fixed size of protected post icon
  • Lots of code cleanup and refactoring

I’ve also created a simple screencast in Jing to show off what I think is one of the coolest, most underused Spaz features: User CSS tweaks. It lets you load up your own CSS file to modify the current theme. If you don’t like the font size or a color, you can change it yourself, without having to author a whole theme.

I didn’t record any audio with this screencast, as I didn’t have a decent mic handy. Hope it’s still helpful!

As always, direct bug reports, questions or suggestions to Spaz at Twitter.