Spaz gets Twitpic,, support


It’s been many months since I’ve posted about Spaz here, but I’ve actually still been working on it quite a bit. Spaz recently had its 1 year anniversary, which is a pretty good milestone for one of my projects – I usually lose interest well before this. Not only is Spaz one of the oldest Twitter desktop clients still under development, but it’s also one of the few FOSS clients. I also believe Spaz is one of the most sophisticated AIR HTML apps out there, and is a good example of what can be done with HTML and JavaScript on the desktop.

The newest release of Spaz, which came out a couple days ago, adds some significant new features:

  • Image uploading via
  • Crossposting support via Try beta code “vivalaping”
  • Support for microblogging services with Twitter-compatible APIs, including
  • A Dock icon badge with the unread message count. This is probably less significant if you are not running OS X.

You can read the whole fat list of what’s new. Also, if you want to talk to other users or help with development, here are some resources: