Spaz v0.1.5 now available

What’s New?

  • Fix for increasing slowdowns each time data was refreshed
  • Removed “source” reporting (from txt, from web, etc) because of performance issues. It shall return!
  • Fix for missing tooltips in timeline entries (jQuery tooltip plugin was stripping them)
  • Version number now appears in About popup
  • Added 1-8 keyboard shortcuts for tabs
  • Formatting for tooltips adjusted

  • Nike
    08/05/2007 08:41:09 AM

    Quick question: Is scroll wheel support coming? Or do we have to chalk this one up to Adobe’s inability to support it?

    Yours, Nike

  • funkatron
    08/05/2007 02:16:50 PM

    AIR doesn’t support it natively in the current Beta, although I understand it will be there in the final. I’ve done a bit of research on Javascript handling mousewheel events, and it may be possible to write my own limited support for it. Not sure if I should wait for a new AIR release and hope it includes proper support, or do my own, though.

  • Raymond
    08/05/2007 03:12:31 PM

    I’d really love to see this implemented. I hate apps without scroll wheel support.

  • funkatron
    08/05/2007 04:04:31 PM

    I tested this out, and AIR doesn’t seem to receive the normal mouseWheel events that most web browsers do. It might be possible to get this working if I plug into the flash.ui events, but my previous attempts at that kind of thing didn’t work out well.

    I’m pessimistic that this will happen before Adobe just fixes it in the runtime.