Spaz wins “Best AIR-based AJAX app” at Lunch2.0@AdobeSF

So a few days ago, Terry Chay tipped me off that the Lunch2.0 @ AdobeSF was going to have a little contest for AIR-based AJAX applications. Terry’s friend Karen Nguyen kindly agreed to represent me at the event in the off chance that I won something… and I did!

How awesome is that? I’ll post a transcript of Karen’s acceptance speech ASAP.

  • Nicole J
    09/16/2007 02:33:39 PM

    Congrats Sweetie!

  • terry chay
    09/17/2007 01:25:21 PM

    Wow, you’re looking especially hot today, Ed.


  • Geoff
    09/18/2007 03:48:21 PM

    Hey, that’s awesome! Global dominion, bwahahaha!