Spaz - An Open-Source Twitter Client for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux


  • Cross-platform: available on all AIR-compatible platforms: Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Open source software using a New BSD-style license (source available at Spaz Google Code project site)
  • Written in pure Javascript, XHTML and CSS. Utilizes the powerful jQuery Javascript framework
  • Built-in global search powered by Summize
  • Short URL creation tool with support for multiple services (,,, and more)
  • In-line short URL decoding
  • No ads
  • Markdown syntax support
  • Multiple themes and support for user-created themes
  • User-defined CSS overrides
  • Event sounds using the Tokyo Train Station soundset by Dominik Dimaano
  • Directory listings of users you’re following, and your followers.
  • Debugging and development tools and debug logging

FAQ & Help

Join the Team

Spaz.AIR is written entirely in XHTML and Javascript. It uses the Spry and jQuery frameworks.

Spaz is open-source and licensed under a New BSD-style license.

Subversion Repository

You can access the SVN repo at Spaz’s Google Code site.

The source code of Spaz.AIR is available in the .air file — you should be able to open it with any “unzip” tool.


Automated “One-step” Install

Please upgrade your Flash Player This is the content that would be shown if the user does not have Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher installed.

Manual Install

Note: Spaz.AIR requires that the Adobe Integrated Runtime be installed on your system.

  1. Download and install AIR
  2. Download Spaz


Old Versions

Previous versions of Spaz were written in RealBasic, and compiled for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The new AIR-based Spaz is, in the creator’s opinion, a far superior program, but you can still download the old versions and source code if you like:

  • derek
    04/11/2007 08:17:42 AM

    How about the source so someone can help fix the linux version?

  • Ed
    04/11/2007 08:27:58 AM

    Yes, actually, I plan on doing that. I haven’t rushed to do so because it’s written in REALBasic, and there aren’t any FOSS compilers available for the language. I’ll try to get on it, tho, as soon as I can get subversion going and such.

  • Georg
    05/30/2007 03:24:29 PM


    this is a great application, I love it especially for the multiuser support. One of the most useful things is the indication of how many characters have already been used up - great!

    There are few things that I notcied with it:

    • is there a chance, that the Timeline wraps the lines? This could be configurable.

    • “Get my timeline Ctrl+3” returns: “Error retrieving XML Data. Twitter returned “User not found”. Check your username and password.” (all other things work well, username and password are correct)

    • i added a picture to one of my accounts, but the picture does not get updated / does not appear in Spaz

    Please go on with this application - bon courage! Cheers Georg

  • Ed
    06/03/2007 01:45:05 PM


    All good comments and ideas.

    • Wrapping the lines will be a bit hard, but I would like to experiment with it.

    • I’m not sure what’s up with getting your own timeline. Something might have changed with the API.

    • The pictures are cached a little too aggressively — it never tries to look for a new one if a cached images exists. You can delete the cache files manually, though, and it will bring in new pics. Obviously this is a bug, though.

    When I have a bit more time I will address these things. Thanks!

  • Graeme Dunlop
    07/26/2007 07:35:30 PM

    Hey, just trying out Spaz.AIR and have a few questions / comments. Is this the right place to leave them or do you have a bug report / wishlist area?

    Overall first impression — best thing I’ve tried for Windows so far.

  • Kate
    07/26/2007 09:15:20 PM

    Best Twitter app for the PC and I’ve tried them all.

    I’m a Spaz fangirrrrl

  • funkatron
    07/27/2007 10:08:13 AM

    @Grame: Feel free to leave comments here, or dm/reply to the Spaz account on Twitter (

    @Kate: Thank you so much!

  • Graeme Dunlop
    07/29/2007 06:46:54 PM

    OK then, 2 comments which I suspect may be AIR related (iow, limitations of the AIR VM or widget set):

    • wheel mouse doesn’t work for scrolling the Tweet lists;

    • the “normal” keyboard navigation shortcuts don’t work in the text entry area. Specifically: HOME, END, Contrl+arrow keys for navigation, Control+SHIFT+arrow keys for selection.

    Also, is an expanded set of Preferences on the cards? eg, how often to refresh

  • funkatron
    07/29/2007 10:55:39 PM

    @Graeme: Yes, unfortunately those are all issues inherent to the AIR beta, and I don’t know of a way to easily work around them. They drive me nuts too, believe me. 8)

    Responses from Adobe reps on the AIR dev forums indicate that they’re aware of these problems, and intend to fix them by the time a final release appears. I think this will be in the next few months, so I don’t think it would be worth putting the time into workarounds,

  • Graeme Dunlop
    07/30/2007 12:34:15 AM

    @funkatron, that’s fine. It’s kinda weird because in the Spry demos the textarea works fine (Spaz uses the Spry widgets, right?)

    Look FWIW I’m loving Spaz.AIR and I’ll stick with it despite the niggles. It’s the best thing I’ve seen on Windows so far.

    BTW, the new progress animation doesn’t seem to animate for me — I just see a solid ring.

  • funkatron
    07/30/2007 08:55:02 AM

    @Graeme: It’s an issue of AIR’s rendering engine, not Spry. The non-animation you see is another quirk, specific to the Windows version of the AIR beta.

    I’m glad to hear you think so highly of it!

  • Zack
    08/01/2007 08:16:33 AM

    Can Spaz.AIR be modified to include a “Place icon in menu bar” option?


  • funkatron
    08/02/2007 07:46:18 PM

    @Zack: no, unless Adobe modifies the AIR platform to include that capability. I doubt they will do so, as it’s very much an OS X-specific feature, and AIR is intended to be very much cross-platform.

  • Zack
    08/02/2007 08:18:15 PM

    @funkatron Oh well. Thanks for a great application!

  • Vidyut Luther
    08/02/2007 10:18:27 PM

    Ed, Do you mind if I setup a trac page for Spaz? I got bugs to report :).

  • kosmar
    08/05/2007 07:20:44 PM

    spaz is great. but unless you support german üäöß its just useless for my lil part of the globe. plz keep my updated about supporting all latin or better all unicode. thx

  • funkatron
    08/06/2007 08:42:18 AM

    @kosmar: I’ve not fiddled with any special unicode support, but Spaz (the AIR version, which is the only version being developed) displays cyrillic and japanese characters fine, so I don’t know why essets and umlauted vowels wouldn’t. I believe all non-7bit ASCII chars come through from Twitter as HTML entities. Can you send me a screenshot that includes what chars are not working for you?

  • kosmar
    08/06/2007 03:07:06 PM

    seems only ü and ö are not working, as they are not accepted as input. i type put nothing happens. see my test here:

  • kosmar
    08/06/2007 03:11:39 PM

    could that be a bug with air and german keyboard layouts? just wild guessing.

  • Ed Finkler
    08/06/2007 03:54:11 PM

    Very possibly. I’ll see if I can find any info on that. Try typing into the username field in the prefs too… if that blocks their input, I’d bet there’s an issue with the AIR beta.

  • kosmar
    08/08/2007 12:10:52 PM

    in fact. yes, thats the case in the username field of spaz … anyway my pownce client running in the same air runtime accepts all german ÜÄÖüäöß , hm!?

  • funkatron
    08/08/2007 01:14:29 PM

    Pownce is Flex/Flash based, whereas Spaz is pure HTML and JS. There are definitely more issues with the HTML widgets in the current AIR beta.

  • Marius Ooms
    08/20/2007 06:40:14 PM

    Thanks for developing spaz! I just installed it and noticed that the notification goes off for the public time-line. Is it possible to change this to only have notifications for twitter from people I’m following?

    I don’t intend to follow the whole world, just the ones I choose to and so this makes the notification sound obsolete and distracting, since it rings ever minute.

    Anyway, you get my drift. Is this a valid request? I’m already thrilled with what you have made.


  • funkatron
    08/20/2007 06:45:15 PM

    @Marius: Yes, very valid. First off, make sure you’re using the AIR version — the Realbasic app is not being developed anymore. If you’re on the AIR version and hearing notification sounds, then you have the latest dev version. I’m definitely tweaking when the notification sounds go off — my intention is to only have them go off when you have new messages from people you are following. This should be the case when I release the final 0.2.0.

    Thanks for the compliments!

  • Graeme Dunlop
    08/24/2007 04:03:04 AM

    Could Spaz.AIR go to older tweets, ie, past page 1 on home?

  • Graeme Dunlop
    08/24/2007 04:07:00 AM

    Sorry for more comment stuff, just thought of something else. I only tweet when I’m at a computer (not gadgeted up enuff to use phone, blackberry whatever). I usually want to know what my ppls have said so I have to go back “x” pages to catch up. Could Spaz have a “pick up where you left off feature?” Could it somehow remember I exited 23 hours ago and start displaying tweets from that time forward, to the present?

  • funkatron
    08/24/2007 11:11:38 AM

    @Graeme: both good ideas. The first one would probably be the better way to go, because while the API allows you to specify a “since” parameter when retrieving a timeline, it will still max out at 20 tweets. Paging back through your friends timeline would give you the ability to view more than 20, and would be a lot easier to implement. ;)

  • Graeme Dunlop
    08/25/2007 12:57:25 AM

    @funk Sure, no probs. If you can get the the normal paging stuff in, I’d be more than happy :-)

  • Graeme Dunlop
    09/19/2007 12:55:57 AM

    Howdy. Love the new 0.2.2 update, and the fact that the detection and installation were automatic.

    The paging seems good, gimme a few days to road test it.

    Two odd things: * No matter what I put for “Refresh interval” it reverts to 2 as soon as I leave the field. * There seems to be some lag or block on updating the personal timeline. Even if I know there’s new tweets and force a tab reload, they don’t show up. Eventually they do but I can’t figure what what trips the update.

  • funkatron
    09/19/2007 11:04:57 AM


    Refresh needs to be an integer between 2 and 60 (this is described in the What’s New document). If you’re entering integers in that range and it’s still resetting to 2, tell me what you’re putting in and I’ll try to replicate here.

    The lag is on Twitter’s end — I’ve been seeing it some too. Nothing’s changed in the code to retrieve that data, so AFAICT it is just Twitter being a little funky.

  • funkatron
    09/19/2007 11:47:18 AM


    Actually, I just tracked the problem down to an issue when using paging with the API. I have released a workaround with version 0.2.3, which you should be able to get with your auto-updating.

  • Graeme Dunlop
    09/19/2007 06:21:41 PM

    @funk, many thanks for such a quick response, the refresh does seem better.

    On the “Refresh Interval” param in preferences I’m still seeing the same behaviour. Here’s exactly what happens: * got to Prefs tab * click inside Refresh interval field * press Backspace to remove the “2” * type “5” * press Tab * value reverts to “2”

    alternatively… * same previous steps up to type “5” * don’t leave field but click on “Save Preferences” * value reverts to “2”

    If I manually edit “preferences.xml” and alter the interval (ie, <network refreshinterval = ‘300000’/>) it does pick it up on restart.

    If you want me to dump HTML or enable debugging or whatever, let me know. I can try tracking it through Firebug if you like.

  • funkatron
    09/19/2007 09:19:06 PM

    @Graeme: I checked again, and was having the same problem. No idea why I didn’t catch this. A new version is out that fixes this.

  • Graeme Dunlop
    09/19/2007 09:20:48 PM

    @funk, what can I say except thanks again for a speedy update!!

  • Michael
    09/20/2007 03:02:41 PM

    I’m getting errors loading “” and also errors loading “”.

    Any idea how I can resolve this problem?


  • funkatron
    09/20/2007 03:56:43 PM

    Not much. Can you load any data? If not, it’s likely something between you and twitter. Turning on debugging might be a good idea — I don’t have much to go on here.

  • seyDoggy
    10/02/2007 12:25:23 PM

    Tried to install spaz on a new system and it seems that Adobe released a new air beta yesterday. Current spaz wont work with the new beta.

  • funkatron
    10/02/2007 12:28:27 PM

    Yeah, the current version needs Beta 1, and you CAN have Beta 1 and Beta 2 on the same machine if you install Beta 1 FIRST. I will have a Beta 2 version up ASAP… but if you poke around, you might find a dev version I’ve uploaded 8).

  • Graeme
    10/02/2007 06:39:16 PM

    Just an FYI — successfully loaded 0.2.6. Sequence was: * start 0.2.5 * receive update notice and click Yes * update fails because it needs AIR beta 2 * download and install AIR beta 2 * restart 0.2.5 * receive update notice and click Yes * update succeeds * happy user

    Spaz just keeps getting better! And with mousewheel support and keyboard shortcuts working, I couldn’t be happier. It’s a beautiful piece of work; gratz guys. Loving the “whitespace” theme, btw. And the Tokyo Subway sounds are great, too.

    (Cheez. Starting to sound like a fanboi. Tone it down, dude)

  • Graeme
    10/02/2007 07:13:04 PM

    k, a few observations.

    • can’t seem to page backwards from page 1 of friends timeline. keeps returning “Error loading”

    • the direct messages tab keeps returning “No data returned”, even when i request a manual reload

    everything else seems to be ok. i’ll keep an eye on the above; it might be twitter’s fault as it’s been a little flaky lately.

  • funkatron
    10/02/2007 07:22:01 PM

    See, you made up for fanboi-ishness by point out bugs!

    Yeah, I’ve seen some of these too. I really wanted to get out a version that worked with Beta 2, but it definitely is rougher than I would have liked. I’ll be working on a cleaned-up 0.2.7 when I get home from MAX.

  • Walt
    10/06/2007 02:57:54 PM

    interesting app… Twitter is addictive

  • Graeme
    10/08/2007 08:51:31 PM

    Another observation: can’t load 0.2.6 on my home machine, which is running 0.2.0. I’ve tried uninstalling both AIR betas then reinstalling, then manually installing 0.2.6 — no joy. Also tried the one-click install above — no joy. It keeps complaining about the AIR version. Not at home right now, will post exact error message later.

  • Bryan Villarin
    10/09/2007 02:44:31 PM

    I’m with @<strong>Graeme</strong> - I can’t get past Page 1, either. Other than that, it looks slick so far. Nice work!

  • funkatron
    10/09/2007 07:20:36 PM

    The paging issue is one on Twitter’s side — it’s been disabled for the time being.

    Graeme, not sure about the issues you’re having. Best I’d could say is to report the problem to Adobe’s AIR team.

  • Bryan Villarin
    10/10/2007 01:09:05 PM

    <strong>@funkatron</strong>: Thanks for the quick reply, man. :)

  • Spaztester!
    10/10/2007 04:38:14 PM

    please insert system tray icon option in new version!

  • funkatron
    10/10/2007 04:57:47 PM

    @Spaztester: definitely something I’m looking into ;)

  • Graeme
    10/10/2007 06:33:27 PM

    OK, a few probs with 0.27 (which I’ve now overcome, see final bullet below):

    • none of the windows/tabs contain anything — friends, replies, DMs, etc. The Prefs window shows up :-) I assume it’s related to the new feature where stuff doesn’t show up until it renders correctly

    • when I start it up, there’s an error window I can’t dismiss. Contents are as follows (kinda big, sorry)

    Error loading Spry.Data.updateRegion(friends-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(replies-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(dm-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(user-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(public-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(friendslist-detail) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(friendslist) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(followerslist-detail) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(followerslist) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(friends-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(replies-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(dm-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(user-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(public-timeline) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(friendslist-detail) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(friendslist) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(followerslist-detail) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value Spry.Data.updateRegion(followerslist) caught an exception: TypeError: Undefined value

    • i tried switching themes with the vague idea it might help. it doesn’t.

    • I then uninstalled it and killed all the Spaz folders I could find in Documents and Settings (only one I think under C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data). When I reinstalled, all was sweetness and light! (erm, meaning it works).

    Hope this is helpful.

    BTW, for mine, a systray icon is useless.

  • xxdesmus
    10/12/2007 10:35:11 AM

    The app is completely failing at life for me. I input my login info…it checks, says it’s verified, but it refuses to load any of the timelines.

  • funkatron
    10/12/2007 12:49:06 PM

    @xxdesmus: can you try on another machine and/or another network?

    Also, if you enable debugging and restart, the debug output is logged to a file in your Documents dir. you can email that to me if you want me to take a look.

  • xxdesmus
    10/13/2007 10:52:29 AM

    I have the log file, what’s your email address? or drop me an email xxdesmus @ Google’s Email Service.

    Thanks for the assistance.

  • funkatron
    10/13/2007 05:43:32 PM

    @xxdesmus: received and responded.

  • Graeme
    10/15/2007 02:23:39 AM

    @funk: props for the Markdown support. Fab idea.

  • James Francis
    10/19/2007 10:57:05 AM

    I really like the look and feel of Spaz… but the “users you are following” tab isn’t working… it says “no data returned”, but I know I am following people. Thanks.

  • James Francis
    10/19/2007 11:03:03 AM

    Well, now nothing is working… it says “error loading…”

  • Ed Finkler
    10/19/2007 06:08:55 PM

    @James: the first issue is because of a change between AIR beta 1 and b2, the consequence of which is that some timelines are only returning data that is new in the past 24 hours. If you haven’t followed anyone new recently, you’ll see that. I’ve fixed this in my current dev version, though, so you should see it working properly in the next release.

    The second thing you saw was probably Twitter mucking up or you exceeding the 70 requests per hour limit. The next version will report request limit probs more clearly, if they come up.

  • James Francis
    10/19/2007 06:18:29 PM

    Thanks Ed… love the hair!

  • Andy Merrett
    10/20/2007 02:14:58 PM

    Sounds intriguing, but I’m sorry - I’m never going to use a client that has such a derogatory title (in the UK, at least).

    There’s no chance in hell that I’m going to feel comfortable sending out Tweets signed as being sent from “Spaz”. Not to my UK contacts, at least.

  • Ed Finkler
    10/20/2007 04:23:04 PM

    @Andy: Sorry! I’m aware of the association it has in the UK, but certainly did not have it in mind when I named the app. I might feel differently if it was a commercial application, but changing the name isn’t something I’m interested in doing.

    I might consider putting in a pref to disable reporting of the app to Twitter, though, if users were interested in that. You can also download and modify the source code as you wish (

  • Beogradoholik
    10/21/2007 12:32:03 PM

    I can’t launch Spaz because AIR iz an older version, a there are no newer ones on Adobe’s site! What should I do???

  • Ed Finkler
    10/21/2007 01:07:26 PM

    @Beogradoholik: AIR Beta 2 is the newest version, and that’s what Spaz works with.

    If you have that and are still having probs, trying uninstalling AIR completely, then restarting, then reinstalling. If you still have issues, you’d need to contact Adobe about the problem.

  • M
    11/02/2007 01:41:33 PM

    I’m really excited to find Spaz because Twitterific made itself completely unusable in the last update.

    However, I have to say that the default style is THE ugliest thing I’ve ever seen and my repeated attempts to make it use a different style have failed miserably. Each time I choose a different style and then click “Save Preferences”, it either crashes or the style is gone when I restart the app. Any ideas?

    Oh, and the icon also disturbs me… kind of a lot. I will be replacing that immediately.

    All that being said, THANK YOU! I think this could be a really great app.

  • Ed Finkler
    11/02/2007 03:12:03 PM

    @ M:

    I’m aware of the issue with saving the theme prefs, and will fix shortly.

    Also, protip: doesn’t help to call the developer’s design work “THE ugliest thing [you’ve] ever seen,” especially when you want them to help you. ;)

  • Oblivion
    11/05/2007 05:02:56 PM

    I twittered about this, but twitter is being useless today, so I thought I’d mention it here.

    This is a really cool app, but I’ve noticed (on WinXP) that it’s a memory hog. On launch, Task Manager reports is using 40MB of RAM. I just had to shut it down as it climbed to 110MB used. As I was typing a tweet, I could watch usage climb about 400k per letter typed. Any idea what’s going on here? Anything I can do to help debug? You’d have to hold my hand, though - I’m not a developer.


  • Ed Finkler
    11/05/2007 07:05:11 PM

    The memory leak appears (as far as I and Jonathan Snook can determine) to be a problem with AIR beta 2. I’ve not seen the memory climb the way you describe while typing, but on each timeline reload you will see a jump. There’s not much we can do about it until Adobe fixes the issue, I don’t think. Sorry!

  • Oblivion
    11/06/2007 03:50:43 PM

    Thansk for the update on the memory leak. I’ll just try to remember to restart the app every once in a while. It’s still more useful than relying on Twitter page auto-refreshes or on GTalk updates.

  • Greg Fischer
    12/14/2007 11:08:32 PM

    Kudos on an awesome Twitter app. It’s definitely my favorite among the AIR apps out there. If I could code worth anything, Spaz is what i’d have written for myself in a Twitter client ;)

  • funkatron
    12/16/2007 03:20:11 PM

    Thanks Greg!

  • Johnny C
    01/02/2008 02:51:33 PM

    one thing: UTF. It sucks trying to speak with my friends in portuguese and not being able to use special characters like ã, é and so on…

  • Johnny C
    01/02/2008 02:52:25 PM

    oh, sorry =x I forgot to say that except for that detail the software is awesome =D keep up the great work! =D

  • dj paine
    01/07/2008 01:13:10 AM

    LOVE THE SPAZ!! here’s my review:

  • funkatron
    01/08/2008 12:06:34 PM

    @djpaine: thanks for the kind words!

  • funkatron
    01/08/2008 12:07:16 PM

    @JohnnyC: You will have more luck with the new version that uses AIR Beta 3, I think. You should check the users group for more info.

  • 李恒
    01/21/2008 10:09:16 AM


  • Allison Sheridan
    02/02/2008 02:39:03 AM

    i live my life behind a corporate firewall, so proxy access is a requirement for me. any chance that’s coming soon? Twitterpod is the only Twitter app I’ve found so far with proxy access, but it seems to hang up and not send data and then send a big burst, not really consistent enough for my tastes.

  • Tiara
    02/04/2008 12:08:22 PM

    Is there any way to make the URLs open in Firefox instead of IE? I have Firefox set as my default browser but all links are opening in IE7 instead (maybe because it uses .url, which IE7 has a stronghold over?). If that would change, then Spaz would be PERFECT.

    Also, how do I see the directory listing of all my friends and followers?

  • Ed Finkler
    02/04/2008 01:45:16 PM

    @allison: I honestly haven’t looked at proxy support. I’m a little surprised that AIR doesn’t follow system-wide proxy settings, though. I’ll poke around a bit and see what’s involved. You might consider filing an issue (See “Get Help” above).

    @Tiara: this is an issue with AIR, and unfortunately not something I can fix. I’d recommend filing a bug with Adobe.

  • Nick
    02/13/2008 09:36:17 AM

    hi there, the app looks awesome and i’m excited to try it! however, when i try to install it gives me an error saying: “Sorry, an error has occurred. The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author.”

  • Ed Finkler
    02/13/2008 11:14:38 AM


    I’ve seen this happen too, and I assume something has been corrupted in the download. you can grab the file manually at Sometimes that helps. Otherwise, you may want to search your machine for where AIR is caching the downloaded .air package and delete any of these; this may force a proper re-download.

  • richard
    02/14/2008 07:35:09 PM

    nice app, but the name isnt really anything but offensive is it?

  • Edward Finkler
    02/14/2008 09:25:19 PM

    It is absolutely not offensive to me, no. I can’t control what cultural context you may use it in. Sorry!

  • Markus
    02/15/2008 05:32:55 AM

    On first look the best Twitter client for Windows i’ve seen so far. Thanks!

  • Willis Whitlock
    02/18/2008 08:44:05 PM

    I have spastic ataxia. I don’t know if that makes me an authority or what. I like the name of the app. Haven’t downloaded it yet, but I’m about to.

  • funkatron
    02/18/2008 09:19:05 PM

    @Markus: Thank you!

    @Willis: I’m glad you like it. Enjoyed your blog, btw.

  • Karolinger
    02/22/2008 07:18:36 PM

    I’m getting an annoying error. Thus Spaz not getting any new messages.

    Here is the screenshot:

  • Ed Finkler
    02/22/2008 09:14:03 PM

    You’ll get the best support for problems on the Spaz users group:

    However, the error is pretty well described in the message. Your account is probably sending more than 70 requests per hour. Make sure you do not run any other Twitter API programs at the same time, and you may lower your refresh rate in Spaz’s preferences. The minimum is every 3 minutes, which would be 60 requests per hour.

  • Christopher W.
    02/25/2008 03:38:00 PM

    I’m really excited to see the app, but when I try to install I get the following error:

    “This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version.”

    Just an FYI.

    Chris from Cincinnati

  • Graeme
    02/25/2008 05:13:07 PM

    Hey Chris. I’ve had probs installing some of the Spaz versions. What’s fixed it for me, is completely killing AIR first, then trying to re-install Spaz. AIR being beta, it’s still a bit odd at times with versions etc. You on Windows?

    BTW, the Spaz Users Group ( is a good place to get help. Welcome to Spaz!

  • Graeme
    02/25/2008 06:54:08 PM

    Aha. It could be that Adobe officially released AIR 1.0 (I think) and since Spaz it written for beta 3, AIR 1.0 doesn’t like it.

  • Jenny LaVada
    02/25/2008 08:46:16 PM

    Soo…any ideas as to when an update of Spaz will be happening?

  • Ed Finkler
    02/25/2008 08:55:50 PM

    Yeah, if you have only installed AIR 1.0, you may not be able to run Spaz. I’ll see if I can get a 1.0-compatible version in the next couple days.

  • Göte Borg
    02/25/2008 09:33:07 PM

    Thank you for this great piece of software.

    Are you considering to support UTF-8?

    Where can I find more information how to set up our corporate firewall to support Spaz?

  • Ed Finkler
    02/25/2008 09:56:44 PM

    @Göte: If you get on the spaz users group, we could discuss what problems you might be having with UTF-8 text in Spaz. From what I can determine, Spaz supports different character sets to the extent that all AIR HTML apps do.

    Spaz does all of its talking over ports 80 and 443.

  • jacob
    02/27/2008 02:30:28 PM

    Hey, great app. Did you know that the send button is right over the scroll down button on the text entry field? You probably did. Thanks for the hard work.

  • Ed Finkler
    02/27/2008 03:04:19 PM

    @jacob: Yep, that doesn’t show up a whole lot, and I figured people would use their cursor keys to move up and down. I should probably tweak that, though.

  • Hans
    02/28/2008 08:52:35 AM

    This is the best application I’ve came across so far. I was only wondering if links could also be opened in Firefox? They now open in IE. And when I have a look at the help and info and pull the scrollbar it sometimes stays transparent and it’s hard to close the pop up help.

  • Ed Finkler
    02/28/2008 10:27:34 AM


    the linking issue is something with AIR — I can’t fix it myself! There’s some weirdness with those popups, yes, and we’ll probably move towards “normal” windows soon for those. Check the users group for more info (under Get Help above)

  • Discorax
    03/03/2008 12:12:41 PM

    Is anyone else having the problem with the “Exceeded Request Limit” Error 400 response from Twitter?

    I’ve been getting it off and on since I updated tot he beta 3 version of Spaz.

  • funkatron
    03/03/2008 12:38:15 PM

    @Discorax: check the users group (look in “Get Help” above).