Spaz.AIR 0.1.4 now available

I’ve just uploaded v0.1.4 of Spaz.AIR, the Twitter desktop RIA written for the Adobe Integrated Runtime. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed bug where only one of multiple links/replies were auto-parsed
  • Replaced full link text with a short “go »” link when displaying inline URLs
  • Added parsing of email addresses
  • SHIFT+ENTER while in the status msg entry box now submits the message
  • r reloads the current timeline/data
  • Added info about how tweet was posted, including link to software if available
  • Added protected icon on protected posts
  • Stopped improper submission of username/password form if Enter is hit
  • Added <i> button for About Spaz.AIR popup
  • New status bar to show stuff and things
  • Set AJAX request timeout to 20 secs
  • Removed use of Spry data region states for performance