Spaz.AIR early alpha screencast

spazAIR.pngSo I’m basically rewriting Spaz as an AIR app. You get a ton of wins with AIR, the biggest for me being the ability to leverage my web skillz to write a desktop app. Some folks may not realize that AIR allows you to write apps in pure HTML+JS — no Flash, no Flex. This is a Big Win for me, and a lot of other folks, I think.

Here’s what I’m using to write Spaz.AIR:

  • Dreamweaver (although you really don’t need to — it just makes packaging the app a bit easier)
  • Spry JS Framework, v1.5
  • JQuery
  • Plain old HTML and CSS

Anyway, I recorded a screencast of a very early alpha version of Spaz.AIR. The file is big, because I wanted high quality but also something my poor 12” Powerbook could actually handle recording I was having trouble with playback on Windows, so I converted the file to mp4 via Quicktime Pro. Now it’s 9MB instead of 290MB, and looks almost identical.