Technolust - media edition

So today I had to wait at home in the afternoon for the cable dude to come and hook up the HD DVR box. We’ve had an HDTV for about a week now and love it, but haven’t had a lot of true HD content to view on it. We don’t have a whole lot now, but it’s maybe 12 channels that can carry HD content. Sports HD content does look really freakin’ good, as does the HD content on HBO.

We also got some crappy cable wiring changed out. I mentioned that I thought sometimes we were getting low signal power to the tech, and he apparently agreed when he viewed the signal meter and asked to see where the cable was coming in. I showed him our splitter box, and he said “how is this working??” Apparently the cable that was running in from outside was not the proper type (he called it “copper”, but isn’t it all copper?), and he expected that we would have had more problems than we were. He also said the guy who first set us up here should have noticed this and fixed it. Go team! Anyway, we put in new cable and he saw a +6 dB increase in signal (which I think is significant). Hopefully we’ll have less cable modem drops than before.

The biggest challenge is now going to be sorting out how to integrate my wondeful Tivo with this setup. The HD DVR box can record shows, but it’s extremely basic in terms of functionality when compared to the Tivo unit. It can send a downsampled signal out of its composite outputs, so for now I have the Tivo hooked up to that, but I’m not really sure how having two options for watching TV will work out. The Tivo made everything so easy, and I’m loathe to complicate things. I could have kept the standard digital cable box, but I decided to save the $8 a month that would have cost on top of my other increases for HD. At the end of the day, tho, $8 ain’t much, so maybe I’ll ask for another one. We’ll see.

Oh, and I’m really glad I got a TV with lots of inputs, including 2 HDMI inputs. I can use one for my DVD player and one for the HD DVR box. The cables are kinda crazy now with all the power cables and Tivo & Xbox output, but it would be BATSHIT (8 more than now) if I was running component.

Oh, and I am SO lusting for an iTV now, so long as it can output HDTV resolution video and someone hacks around the iTunes requirement. It would be such an awesome front-end for something like MythTV.