The PHPMAX 2008 US Tour

The PHPMAX 2008 US Tour

The coming weeks are gonna be a little hectic for me, as I fly to Atlanta on the 12th to attend php|works / PyWorks 2008. I’ll be doing the following talks:

I’m pretty excited about php|works / PyWorks 2008, especially because we can interact with the Python community and learn more about each other’s tech. Cross-pollination is a Good Thing.

I’m flying back to IND on the 15th, but then I’m leaving again on the 16th for San Francisco and the Adobe MAX 2008 conference. I’m giving the following talk:

Originally this talk was going to be given by John Resig, creator of the jQuery library, but he ran into some time constraints and thoughtfully suggested me. Of course, the description still mentions his name, which likely means I’ll be tarred and feathered by the audience. This also looks like it may be the largest audience I’ve ever given a talk before: there are currently about 70 folks listed as attending, with ~300 capacity. So if I wet myself on stage, please forgive me.

  • karen
    11/13/2008 12:21:53 AM

    Aww, and to think I might not be there to videotape the wetting experience. Good luck!

  • Stephanie Newcomb
    11/17/2008 03:37:57 PM

    It was nice to meet you Ed! Good luck with your talk. Thanks for talking to me :)