The best way to christen the new camera

Griffin closeup

It maybe looks a little overexposed on Mac gamma… I think on Windows it looks right, tho.

Edit: it looks overexposed in Firefox on the Mac, but not in Omniweb. I believe Omniweb applies the OS-level color profile to images, whereas Firefox does not.

  • Carolyn
    03/19/2007 05:59:02 AM

    It looks right on Windows. Actually it looks fantastic - it’s Da Griff!

  • terry chay
    03/19/2007 03:41:48 PM

    How do you like the camera? :-)

    Next time use PShop to convert to sRGB before uploading. Always use PC gamma. You’ll be fine.

    Take care,


  • Ed
    03/19/2007 06:23:16 PM

    I actually don’t have Pshop handy, but I was using Lightroom. Can you tell if it was converted to sRGB from the metadata?

    It looked good on Windows Firefox when I checked it at work today. It was just Mac Firefox that was a little wonky.