The Shield

Dude, I looked at the schedule on Tivo Tuesday night, and I didn’t see the new episode of the Shield listed. Now I look tonight on FX, and it’s repeating. WTF? Bastards. Anyway, I’m season passed now, so it should be all good.

I didn’t mention before, but I got a 40hr Series 2 Tivo as a gift about a week ago, and I’m absolutely loving it. I bought a USB->Ethernet adapter and have it hooked into my home network, so I can dump recordings off to PCs and stuff like that. It’s basically fucking awesome, and works so well out of the box that I’m utterly in love.

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  • jon
    01/18/2006 06:18:36 PM

    still a freaking tv nut. :)

    happy new year, ed.