This week in search terms

I use a service called 103bees to track what search terms and questions are directing people to Here’s this week’s selections:

Search terms

  • lil wyte photo

    I have no idea.

  • download hardly wait juliette lewis

    I really like that version of the PJ Harvey song, as sung by Juliette Lewis in the film Strange Days

  • free .mac account mail only

    Not here!

  • funkatron twitter air

    Presumably someone who heard Spaz mentioned on MacBreak Weekly

  • visualize kcachegrind os x

    I think I posted about how much of a gigantic pain in the ass this was to get running on OS X.

  • ghetto fackin

    mmmmm no.

  • spry click tab reload data

    I have talked about Spry a fair bit here, so I guess that makes sense.

  • matt sink

    No idea

  • debian parallels tools

    Ah, I did make a post about getting Debian running on Parallels. Or more accurately, the fact that I got it running

  • spaz app

    I’ve heard of this


  • Jan
    02/19/2008 06:59:07 AM

    “visualize kcachegrind os x”

    That was me :)

  • dzja1
    02/20/2008 12:24:30 AM

    The 103bees service sounds cool! Thanks for sharing! I will try it too! :P

  • karen
    02/25/2008 06:26:57 PM

    Some of those are hilarious. I need to try this service.