This is the part where I pretend to be a DJ again

I’ve been fucking around with Ableton Live as a DJing tool, and decided to record a full session I’ve been working on. Note that this was recorded live — no touchups after the fact — which is pretty evident from a couple fuckups and occasional volume issues. It mmight have been easier if I had my O2 controller, but I didn’t. So there.

Live Demo Mix 2004-04-01 (75MB 192kbps mp3)

Track List:

  • Icon of Coil - Floorkiller (2004)
  • Combichrist - Enjoy the Abuse
  • Cubanate - Oxyacetylene
  • C-Tec - Brutal
  • Cult of Jester - .44 Caliber (ironvsiron remix)
  • Deitiphobia - Retrofit (Dead Agent remix)
  • Nitzer Ebb - Getting Closer
  • Nitzer Ebb - Join in the Chant
  • Frontline Assembly - Mindphaser
  • Frontline Assembly - Sado-Masochist
  • ohGr - Lusid
  • Prodigy - Girls
  • Voxis - You Spin Me Right Round

I also used loops from these additional songs

  • Implant - Drugs vs Violent
  • VNV Nation - Circling Overland
  • VNV Nation - Kingdom (restoration)

Edit: Jesus, I fucked up spelling, markup, and the link in this post. LJ Error Trifecta!

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