Time For A Change

Office workers in the 1970's

Howdy friends!

I am at a point where I’m considering new work opportunities. Here’s what I’d really like to see in a new gig:

  • Must be remote-friendly! I’ve been working remote for 4 years and know what works and what doesn’t.

  • I’m interested in smaller teams and having a real, positive impact in people’s lives. For me, the most satisfying work is that where I feel that I am empowering people, or making their lives a little easier, with the skills that I have. Community work appeals to me, although I am not up for lots of travel. Opportunities to contribute to the open source community are highly appealing.

  • If possible, I’d like to work in PHP. Preferably modern PHP (>=5.3, composer, etc). I do have good skills in JS, and some decent Python experience. (Also HTML, CSS/SASS, SQL, some basic ops/linux skills, blah blah blah). I tend to prefer simple, minimalist solutions, and am wary of over-engineering and trend-driven development.

  • Want a senior dev and/or team lead role. Would like say in tech stack decisions.

  • Limited travel. If travel is necessary, Pacific Northwest preferred

  • I’ve put out lots of code, run open source projects, given many tech talks, and written plenty. Someone should be able to tell if I’m competent from that. I’m leery of, but not entirely opposed to, taking tests to get a job.

  • Must be understanding and supportive of the work I do to raise mental health awareness. That includes speaking at several conferences a year (which I will pay for). Happy to additional rep the org at these conferences too.

  • I will be maintaining some kind of business/emeritus relationship with my friends and partners at Fictive Kin.

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