Used CD Rampage

ROCK AND ROLL!!!! I buy CDs a lot less now, but every once in a while I binge a little. On our way back from lunch today, we stopped in this college student convenience store; one of those places that has everything a young learner needs:

  • Cigarettes
  • Cheap soda
  • Incense
  • 3000 different types of Purdue shirts (to remind you where you are)
  • Maxim magazine
  • Really cheap used CDs

It’s the last item that I was particularly interested in. The average price of a used CD there is about $5.50, whereas most places would charge $10. It’s not like they’re all winners (there were about 30 copies of Coolio’s It Takes a Thief), but there are usually a few gems to be found. Here’s what I picked up during this expedition:

Some of these were nostalgia pickups (GTR, for example), and some were taking a chance because I liked a song I heard (Buckcherry, Ride).

Now, the ripping begins…

  • Clint
    02/27/2003 04:55:13 PM

    Are you going to use Lamebrain?? :)

  • Ed Finkler
    02/27/2003 05:53:39 PM

    Actually, I didn’t. I’m a bad man. I might try, though, because I got a number of jitter errors with CDex on WinXP.