What I’m looking forward to in PHP6

  1. Punctuation-only variable names
  2. “Safe mode” that disables all output
  3. HDMI outputs
  4. ASCII-art generators added to core (once CLAs are signed)
  5. The quad-colon operator (::::)
  6. All superglobals reduced to single array: $_FUCKO
  7. Improved elegance
  • PaulG
    02/06/2008 06:57:48 AM

    I laughed out loud.

    Thanks for starting up my day!


  • Damien Seguy
    02/06/2008 07:30:35 AM

    Ponctuations variables are already available!


    ${”……”} = ‘is real’;

    echo ${”……”};


  • Radoslav Stankov
    02/06/2008 09:09:47 AM

    The things what I really want are the namespaces and the late static binding (I think that both are available patches for php5)

  • Derick
    02/06/2008 09:33:18 AM

    W0rd Finkmeister… as to Radoslav, both patches are already part of PHP 5.3’s CVS.

  • Sean Coates
    02/06/2008 01:06:27 PM


    If I EVER get code that does that, I’m sending it to you for maintenance.

    Stop handing out hanging-rope! (-;


  • Federico
    02/08/2008 06:12:17 AM

    So, to sum it all up, php 6 would allow you to do something like this:


  • Some Guy
    02/11/2008 11:30:57 AM

    what i’d like to see for php6 would be a cleanup. making all methods/functions named consistent, killing unnecessary aliases…

    oh and maybe real namespacing instead of that hack..

  • Sezgin
    09/27/2008 02:28:21 PM

    hehe I would like php will support Unicode support with $_FUCKO global :)

  • romain
    06/17/2009 09:26:58 AM

    my 2 cents contribution…

    function beHappy()
      if (!$this-&gt;isHappy())
        throw new :'(Exception() ;
      return :-) ;
  • schnalle
    06/22/2009 08:33:15 AM

    @federico: you forgot the last part: ASCII::::${”.”}($_FUCKO[${”……”}])->convert_toHDMI();

    (at least roughly according to the php naming tradition)