What’s wrong with this job posting?

I hate my jobSaw this on the excellent PHPDeveloper.org:

Company Warner Bros. Records Location Burbank, CA Title PHP Developer Summary Warner Brothers Records is looking for a freelance PHP developer skilled in Drupal themeing and programming. To be considered you must be able to work at our office, provide your own computer and be very comfortable developing using SVN. You’ll be in New Media, a very relaxed work environment, with cool and quirky people. We prize Mac users but welcome all. This is a great chance to work with bands like Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes, Damien Rice, Muse and more. To apply please send an e-mail with the following to nmtech@warnerbrosrecords.com:
  • PHP Developer and your full name in the Subject line.
  • 3 Links to actual code you have written and or sites worked on what you worked on.
  • Tell us a little about yourself and send a link to your blog you have one.

Lemme get this straight: I have to work at your office, but provide my own computer??? This reads like a really slimy way of getting people to work cheap in exchange for maybe doing a web site for some half-wit modern “rock” band. I’ll keep my iMac at home and make more money doing contracting work, but thanks all the same, WB.

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  • isabel
    04/10/2007 06:39:59 AM

    LOL even my grad school profs in canada gave their students laptops each year…