Where are the feed creation classes for PHP?

Everybody and their mom has feed parsers built into their fancy frameworks and component libraries, and a couple stand-alone components do an excellent job of making feed consumption a piece of cake, but XML feed creation tools are really lacking in PHP.  Of all the major general purpose PHP framework/component collections I know of (PEAR, EZC, ZFW, Cake, Symfony, CodeIgniter), none include a class for creating XML feeds.

The best tool I’ve seen for the job is Kai Blankenhorn’s FeedCreator.  I’ve used it quite a bit, and it’s a well-designed class that makes feed creation very easy.  It’s not thoroughly documented, though, and hasn’t been updated since 2004, so no ATOM 1.0 support.  More problematic is that it doesn’t support enclosures, making it mostly useless for folks wanting to *Cast stuff.

A couple of forks have popped up here and there to address these problems.  This one by Mohammad Hafiz bin Ismail has the advantage of looking more like a serious attempt to restart development of the project, rather than a onetime hack to add a couple features.  It doesn’t look like a lot of development has gone on since the initial upload, though, and that’s a bummer.

So tell me: am I missing something, or is this an area where more work needs to be done?