Yojimbo stores ALMOST anything

So lots of people are pooping their pants over Yojimbo, this new personal info organization app from BareBones. I’ve started using it, and it is pretty cool, but I’ve run into a bit of an issue: it doesn’t like OmniOutliner 2 files. Try to drag one in, and you get no love. I guess this is what they mean by the following:

Store almost anything in Yojimbo—text, rich text, images, PDFs, even serial numbers and passwords

(my emphasis)

Some may wonder why I’m still running OO v2 when I think OmniGroup has had v3.5 out for about a hundred years. That’s because I’m lazy, and I actually like v2 a bit better - it’s simpler, and I like the way it looks. Probably it’s just inertia, though, and I’d like v3 better if I just used it.