You can’t do Rails with PHP, and it’s time to get over it


Soledad Penadés says “PHP will never have a (real) Rails-like framework.” She’s right. And people need to quit getting their panties in a bunch about this fact.

I know the title is harsh but it’s so true. At least it is according to nowadays php’s implementation of classes and objects, which do not permit to “reopen” and add or redefine new methods to an existing class definition, which is the basis upon Rails (and I presume lots more of applications and frameworks) is built.

I don’t really think it’s particularly harsh; it’s just a matter of fact. I love PHP, and I’ve been working in it for the past 8 years, but I need to be a grown-up about this and realize that while it’s very good for some kinds of things, it is not — and has never tried to be — the be-all-end-all of scripting languages. It’s accessible, fairly simple, and easy to use in web apps.

I think it’s rather funny that in the comments so many people are throwing links to PHP frameworks at her, saying “but, but, but this one really is as good as Rails!” Guys, please, calm down. Your testicles have not withered and dropped off because 37 Signals did a good job marketing their framework to The Blogosphere, turning Rails into the programming buzzword for Web2.0. Just take a deep breath and speak the following mantra until your blood pressure drops: “Digg, Flickr, Yahoo, Wikipedia… Digg, Flickr, Yahoo, Wikipedia…”

Look, PHP is not Ruby. It’s not Scheme. It’s not Java. It’s not C. There are great things to be learned and outright stolen from each of these languages, but PHP devs need to stop sweating these stupid language pissing matches and appreciate PHP for what it is. And maybe spend an evening going through a Ruby tutorial — it’ll be good for you.

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  • Sole
    02/04/2007 05:31:53 AM

    God, I love the picture you chose for illustrating the post! I think I’ll start using pics like that in my posts :)

    It’s nice to see there’s someone which took the time to read even the comments instead of just dropping the name of their favourite php framework or getting disappointed with ruby’s classes model (like if I had written it heh).

    By the way - I use LameBrain. Great tool, funny coincidence :-) Thanks for it.

  • Jamal Soueidan
    06/03/2007 08:08:06 AM

    I agree with you, I have been using PHP in almost 7 years, and recently I switched to Rails, because I had discovered allot of great things it have.