ZendCon 09: PHP, JavaScript, and RIAs, Oh My!

Elephant is good student

No more travels for me until SXSW in March, I believe. I’m far too tired.

Did I say that? I actually knew very well that a week later, I would be traveling to San Jose for ZendCon 09. Foolish me.

I spoke at ZendCon on Building Desktop RIAs with JavaScript and PHP. I’ve given this talk other places, but this time I showed off some fun PHP-powered jQuery within Titanium. Here’s a snippet:

<script type="text/php">        
     * run the passed function when DOM Ready event runs 
    $jQuery()->ready( function () use (&$jQuery) {
         * set some CSS properties 
        $jQuery('#phpjQ')->css('display', 'none')
                        ->css('border','2px solid #000');
         * bind a delegated click event to the passed function 
        $jQuery('#invokePHP')->live('click', function () use (&$jQuery) {
             * set the text color and reveal 
            $jQuery('#phpjQ')->css('color', 'red')->slideToggle(500);
        } );                
    } );

Building Desktop RIAs with JavaScript and PHP

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